My name is Richard Brown, and I live in northern Ontario, Canada. I studied at Tyndale  University and Seminary, formerly Ontario Bible College and Theological Seminary, as well as several other institutions. Once ordained in the Reformed Presbyterian Church General Assembly, I returned to my career as a power engineer/millwright, only to return again to church planting. The reformed faith, or faith of any kind, is very scarce in northern Ontario. The need is great. I happen to think that as a socialist area it is a prelude to the rest of the province.

This is not a traditional blog-if there even is such a thing. It is not about my daily routine etc., which really isn’t that interesting. This site is about reflections on the scriptures, which I hold to be the infallible inerrant word of God, which I am expanding to confessions and catechisms of the Reformed church, and worldview studies. I started to post them on my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Covenant-Presbyterian-Church-Canada-310392592899588, but have had a vision to start this as a separate work. I hope you will be blessed in your visit here.

If you are interested in planting a reformed work in Ontario please drop me a line.

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