Job 11 Zophar Fairs No Better.

Zophar accused Job of ‘empty talk’ in need of a rebuke, which he proceeds to give (1-3). Job’s ‘doctrine’ was not that he was sinless, but rather that he could not see what specific sin or sins he had committed to call what he was going through judgment or wrath from God (4). Zophar wishes that God would rebuke Job, but then assumes that He would have him do it (5-6). Zophar is right to affirm that God is omnipresent and omniscient, that He has exhaustive complete knowledge of all things He has made and governs, that his judgment cannot be opposed, but he assumes to know that this is why Lob is suffering (7-12). Zophar is sure that all Job needs to do is confess said wickedness and he will be restored (13-20).

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