Job 8:1-22 Bildad

Bildad seems convinced that Job and his family have committed sins which they refuse to repent of, and that Job has some nerve to be complaining as though this were not the root cause of his present distress. Job was suffering because of God’s just recompense. His sons, whom he would pray for regularly, in case they had offended God (1:4-5), according to Bildad, were “cast away for their transgression.” (8:4) Despite Job’s previous words, Bildad still believes that Job had not yet been earnestly seeking God (5). For Bildad, Job could only be suffering because he was not pure and upright. Apparently God is supposed to always prosper those who take refuge in him (6-7), past generations proving this for Bildad (8-10). Job was a hypocrite, who was getting what he deserved.

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