Job 6:24-7:16 Job’s Complaint – Part III.

Job challenges Eliphaz to point out where he is supposed to have erred. He welcomes just criticism, but they must be right words, and Eliphaz was just arguing nonsense. What is more, whereas he should have provided comfort, giving Job the benefit of the doubt, instead he only undermined his strength. Job was no liar, and he expected the same from his friends. At no point had Eliphaz been able to charge Job with any injustice spoken. With the fall the condition of all is hard service, hoping for both shade and wages. However, Job’s current lot was to suffer in body and mind. He is painfully aware of the frailty and brevity of life, believing he stood at death’s door, soon to be forgotten. Job’s complaint stems from his bitterness of soul, even sleep escaped him with terrifying dreams and visions. He prefers death than this continued suffering – which may be a just wish.

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