Job 4 -5 Eliphaz and ‘Special’ Revelation.

Eliphaz holds a mirror up to Job for his previous words. Job was not speaking in character – with reverence and integrity (4:1-6). However, Eliphaz then wanders into error in assuming that Job’s condition must be as a result of some sin in his life (7-11). Then it is Eliphaz who is given a revelation of the human condition – the total depravity of all. Humans don’t even have their own wisdom – all true knowledge coming from the Creator alone (12-21).

Eliphaz rightly focused on a revelatory word over human speech alone (5:1). The envious are objects of wrath (2-6), and all are born into the state of original sin (7). One ought to look to God for what is humanly speaking ‘unsearchable’ – ie., special revelation (8). From this revelation we learn that this God is the sustainer of all that he has created (9-10), including one’s station in life (11), and the plans of all (12). 

A person is trapped by their own desires – the crafty in their own craftiness (13). Even light is darkness for those without God (14). Only those who confess their neediness, ie., repentance and faith, are saved from the injustice of the mighty (15-16). “Behold, happy is the man whom God corrects; therefore do not despise the chastening of the Almighty.” (17) This verse, with 18 are the basic summary of the book of Job. 

God alone permits adversity, and he alone can deliver (18-22), especially those in the one covenant of grace with him (23). It is by this revelatory word of his grace that we can ‘know’ that we have peace, where nothing is amiss (24), and that we have the promise of a prosperous future, in the covenantal seed (25). Most will also live to a ripe age, bearing fruit to the very end (26). We know this is true, because it is a revelatory word – searched for and found (27).

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