Job 3 Fear of Suffering.

Sadly, Job seems to have fallen off the wagon here. He chose to curse the day of the blessing of his birth. This is a sin for a covenant child to speak. It is the same as suicide. He has forgotten all the rich blessings he enjoyed from birth till this adversity. He also seems to have been less than honest with his statement of 1:21. It is also a selfish outburst. He wishes that everything and everyone associated with that day be cursed as well (1-12). Job seems to think he would have rest without being born (13), or “stillborn…like infants who never saw light? (16). Does this mean that he believed that all covenant children conceived in this state automatically go to heaven, a place of rest and riches, free from oppression (14-19)? Job seems to have believed, contrary to the first two chapters, that he should have had a life of continual peace, rest and flourishing. In fact, he confesses that these were things that he feared (25). Let us not fear the LORD’s good providence, knowing that his glory is our eternal good.

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