Job 2:11-13 Empathy.

Job’s friends began well. The empathized with him in his pain and sorrow. They are a good example of what ought to be our initial response to people who are suffering like job. They decided to bans together before coming to him (11a). They give us an example of Christians joining hands for our suffering brothers and sisters that we have among us. Next, they approached Job together, letting him know that they had formed as a group of like covenant men, to be at his side together with him – that they recognized him “lifted their voices and wept.” (11b-12a) Next, in identifying with him, they humbled themselves – sprinkled with dust, reminded of their earthly condition, and sitting in the ashes as a reminder of this world of sin and cursing (12b). It was not yet a time for words, but of simple identification with the suffering of a brother in the LORD – seven being a number of perfection, from Sabbath to Sabbath. (13) The next LORD’s Day or Christian Sabbath, and you identify like this with a brother or sister, perhaps you might then talk to them the following Sabbath – follow-up is important.

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