Job 2:1-10 Integrity.

This second revelation at the heavenly throne begins like the first, wherein the angels were called to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan and his work are again exposed (1-2). The same testimony is given by the LORD, as to the integrity of Job, as his covenant servant. Again, we are reminded that what had happened to Job was not for cause, for Job knew that all he was and had were gifts undeserved. He had an attitude of gratitude (3) This second stage is meant to serve as a testimony based upon two or three witnesses, and it comes also as a judgement against the leader of false witnesses, with the angelic host bearing witness also (Dt. 19:15-21). This was the same procedure followed by Paul for the establishment of the canonical witness (II Cor. 13:1).

All this is not to neglect or oppose the fact that Satan often speaks truth, which he then seeks to distort. Most good deceivers, like Satan, know that to really get at the LORD’s servants that they need to either distort the LORD’s words, as Satan did in the fall, or quote scripture with their own heretical interpretation. This requires of all of the LORD’s servants that we know the scriptures based on those principles which these scriptures themselves, by the Spirit, provide us with. A simple truth is that many will give all they have for themselves or their loved ones if only their life, or others’ lives can be saved. This can even be a noble thing, as with those who enforce the law. However, there is normally suffering that comes before the end, and losing one’s health is often a trigger for many to abandon their faith (4-5).

Again, Satan is given permission by the LORD to take this next step in Job’s journey (6). Like so many, suffering in body and mind would become part of Job’s life story. Scraping boils in a pile of ashes was what came. Please note, ashes are a sign of covenantal cursing, even though in Job’s case he was not actually cursed, but nevertheless bore the marks of one who humbled himself in acknowledgement of his fallen human nature, what we all justly deserve. This is often when our most trusted human companions, like Job’s wife, get off the faith train. A question asked by so many, with various words for expressing it, is why someone of Job’s integrity could suffer so? Is this not what the modern ‘name-it-and-claim-it’ so-called ‘word-of-faith’ false prophets preach? Indeed, it is!

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