Job 1:13-22 Trust

It may have been the case that Job might have perceived the terrible news that follows, with four witnesses confirming the validity of the events, that it was due to something his children had thought or did that was against God’s law which led to the terrible news. The book opened with the topic of Job’s concern about this very possibility, cursing God, that offered sacrifices and prayers as God law demanded for any sins committed. However, the second part of chapter one refutes this, in that the LORD permitted these events to show his grace in Job’s life, in that he chose not to curse God.

With enemy onslaughts (13-15, 17), alternating with so-called ‘natural’ events, such as fire and wind, or so-called ‘acts of God’ (16, 18-19), Job responds as one who knows that God is sovereign in both kinds of calamity. He humbled himself and was moved to worship, not to cursing as Satan had claimed he would. “In all this Job did not sin nor charge God with wrong.” (22) Instead, Job utters the profound testimony of one who trusted in his sovereign LORD – for good or ill (21). All of life is a gift from God. Who can charge God with wrong doing, when we do not earn these blessings anyway?

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