Job 1:6-12 Satan’s Mission, And The LORD’s Grace.

Job 1:6-12 Satan’s Mission, And The LORD’s Grace.

Job, as a writing prophet, is taken to the throne of heaven, where the angels and Satan are also summoned (6). God knew where Satan had been, but others, including ourselves, need to know. He was also forced to bear witness to his work while roaming the earth (7). He confessed His enmity toward the LORD, and thus also against his servant Job. The LORD speaks here as the covenant making and covenant keeping LORD, so that we are to understand that Job was “blameless and upright”, fearing God and shunning evil, because he was the object of God’s grace. Satan knew that Job had been blessed with unmerited favour (9-10). Satan suggests that Job was the man he was because God also blessed him with great wealth and peace. 

It is as though Satan is forgetting his high and lofty position before he rebelled, and yet conscious of forever remaining the LORD’s defeated enemy (Is. 14:12-15; Lk. 10:18). Satan stated that if all this blessing were taken from Job that he would return God’s blessings with cursing (11). In other words, he suggests that Job was better than him, in that Satan cursed God while in his high position. He suggests that Job would, like himself, do so to the LORD’s face. However, Satan was destined for reprobation, while Job was not. Satan only had such limited power as God let him exercise (12a). Satan lived, and still lives, to seek to challenge the faith even of God’s elect, but only as he is sent from the presence of the LORD (12b).

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