Phil. 4:10-13 Flourishing?

Paul learned to be content in every situation, but here he tells the saints that he rejoiced to receive their help, mainly because it showed that they were true believers (10-12). We are called upon to help each other, as we have opportunity, something the so-called church never does today. The ‘opportunity’ is only after a spouse, 2.5 kids headed for college or university, the latest vehicles and toys, and then not even enough to pay a pastor a comparable wage. If the biblical example is to be our guide, then I have never been more convinced than ever, that the vast majority who call themselves Christians, and attend church, even evangelical and reformed ones, are fake. I am learning to follow Paul, to “do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (13) I also find the current population of those giving every sign of being reprobates, especially within the so-called evangelical and ‘reformed’ fold frightening, especially those of my own physical blood, and ‘family ties’. I do not concern myself with the mainline obvious synagogues of Satan.

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