Phil. 2:25-30 It Takes The Whole Body.

Phil. 2:25-30 It Takes The Whole Body.

There is a common phrase that refers to the need for community – “it takes a village.” The church is far more important even than this. The church at Philippi had sent Paul a fellow soldier, whom Paul was sending back, one Epaphroditus. It is not clear if he was a minister like Timothy, but certainly was someone whom Paul valued highly. This furthers the point that we need each other in the building of Christ’s church, and extension of his kingdom (25). This man was apparently healed from a sickness, that put him near death, through mercy, which should relieve his audience as it did Paul (26-27, 30). Sending him back would be to their mutual comfort (28). He was to be honoured for his sacrifice (29).

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