Phil. 2:19-24 Trust.

Faith is trust in the one who is truth itself (19a). It is a personal commitment to revealed scripture borne out in the reality of providential history. Being a Christian is walking with one who has given us revealed truth to govern the whole of life, now and whatever is to come. Paul was careful to commend to the ministry of the word only those whom he knew had this trust and mission (20). Timothy was such a one to have proven himself faithful, and a word from him would be even better than hearing from the people themselves, for he was well equipped to pass on a true report (19b). 

“For all (the rest) seek their own, not the things which are of Christ Jesus. There are many seeking to build their own empires, constructed around their own wants and pleasures, taking advantage of the so-called ‘ministry of the word’ to hold many apart from the genuine article. True ministers of the word seek the things of Christ, and not ourselves. Paul also wanted to send Timothy so that the people who were concerned about him might receive a faithful report from one they could trust, all the while he hoped to make another visit himself, Lord willing – which is a trust in God’s sovereign good pleasure in providence.

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