Jeremiah’s Call and Ours.

Jeremiah was born into a priestly family but was called to be a prophet. Whereas the former and kingship were hereditary offices, that of the prophet was not. Although their unique characters are formed by God and are reflected in their respective writings, the truth conveyed was also of God. Judah had been given more years of liberty than Israel because Josiah was used of God to restore the nation back to the law word of the covenant, which when they departed from it they went into captivity to Babylon. His ordination came before he was born, and therefore he was born with a godly purpose. Though relatively young when his preaching began, he would be called to preach to all levels of society, both within the covenanted people, and those outside. 

He was set apart for the work of preaching and writing only that which the LORD had given him. Concerning several nations and kingdoms, he would convey that God would take away both food and shelter, but also for a remnant he would build and plant – ie., shelter and food (1:1-10). We also cannot miss the fact that he called Jeremiah before he was born, so from his very conception he was formed by God in the womb (1:5). The LORD authors the salvation and ministry of all his people before we are born, and the remnant are those who proclaim and live out their calling in the whole of life, before one and all. Before there is true reform, that which is in the way must be uprooted and torn down. It to is part of the word that first must be preached.

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