Your Resume And Then Some.

Having a Christian mind in the workplace and one’s job or career is a challenge for many of us. One thing to consider is your resume or cv (curricular vitae). How honest should you be? Personally I am having to think about this as I find myself without a job and needing a new one. Do I tell prospective employers that I was terminated from my last employment because I was diagnosed with asthma? Or do I withhold that information and simply say I have taken a sabbatical to further my education? I have come to the conclusion that I need to do both, because both are true. Call it my puritan training on sins of commission and omission, but what is the value of hiding the reality and applying for a job that I will no longer be able to perform. I think it is better to see the possibilities. In my case it is seeing how my gifts in teaching can be combined with my vast experience and training as a power engineer to help train the next generation. So I am taking the opportunity to turn this time into a sabbatical where I upgrade my training to a 1st class, opening up even more possibilities than teaching, and also having current experience myself as to what it is like to be a student of power gen in  my generation. The fact is I self-studied for most of my PE upgrades, as most of us do.

So, you may not have anything identical with my experience, but what is wrong with telling a future employer, that perhaps you lost your job because of Covid-19, and you have taken this time off to expand your skill set so that you could have more to offer either your old employer, or for a new one? This might even mean choosing to take this opportunity to make that career change you have always dreamed about. Perhaps you have a skill that others need and want, that you could convey online, as many are doing, to enrich the lives and culture you live in. I have been through a lot of job experiences in life, and the ramifications in life that go along with this. I joke that you have not lived until you have been downsized, have no food in the fridge, and you have been evicted from your home. Believe me, this will humble you. I have also been blessed with great responsibility and a six figure salary, and with Paul have learned to be content with both. However, I must say, I would rather the latter, and share what I don’t need.

Some say that there are four things that will severely shake your world – loss of a loved one, loss of a job, loss of a home, or loss of your health. I have experienced all these, and sometimes more than one at once. We have to have a firm belief in the sovereignty of God’s providence, and his love for us his children. Next, we need to see this in the phrase that Paul used – “all things working together,” in other words, get a global view of what is happening to you, there is an inter-relationship of the all things “working together” and not just in isolation, that also speaks to us. Next, do an assessment of your gifts, or a re-assessment, and see if you are not perhaps being forced to expand your fruit bearing in areas you never thought of. Talk to friends and those whom you respect, and get their feedback, but not just one such person, get many, because some people can get you all wrong, including family, or pastors and others in authority, including your parents. Above all pray. The Lord is always praying for us, so you are really just drawing by his side and asking him to help you understand what he has in mind for you.

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