Judges 7 – 8:3 The LORD Defeats The Midianites Through Gideon’s Leadership.

Here we have the central motif of the book, that God would give his people victory by the few and humble, “lest Israel claim glory for itself” (v. 2), and the LORD chose to so through Gideon. As for signs, this time it is the LORD who initiates the giving of a sign, being the Midianite’s dream and its interpretation (9-14). Gideon responded with worship, and obedience in leading the fight. With 300 the LORD proved that the victory was through him, and Gideon, a man of faith. The proud Ephramites, objected to Gideon not enlisting them, but they served only as a foil, proving the LORD’s words, that Israel was more prone to claim victory in themselves, than to give the glory to the LORD (8:1-3). On the war path the people of Succoth and Penuel refuse them sustenance for the battle and their journey, so they make good on their threat to punish them (vv. 4-21). Some amazingly argue that this was sinful vengeance on their part, rather than what it was, the LORD cursing those who cursed them. It is amazing how so-called exegetes can be oblivious to the wider covenantal scope of scripture!

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