Judges 10 Tola, Jair, And The Continuing Sin Of Idolatry.

Tola is said to have saved Israel, without war. The so-called minor judges, other than Shamgar who had Deborah with him, saved Israel by judging righteously, without war. So also Jair, although he clearly had more than one wife, with 30 sons, and we are not told how many daughters. Again, after these two judges, Israel’s downfall is their idolatry. Now it is the pagans who are entering the promised land to execute the LORD’s judgment against them yet again. They cry out that they have sinned, but the LORD has heard this before. If they really repented they would destroy the idols and renew the covenant with ‘I AM’. Once again the LORD’s acts of deliverance are brought to their attention, showing what happens to the covenant people when they forget the sovereign LORD of history. However, they say again, with this rebuke, that they have sinned, and thus we have a double witness against themselves, in this matter of life and death. Despite their sinful desire for a king, like later with Saul, they had put away their idols, so the LORD will raise up Jephthah.

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