Jeremiah 46-51 Judgment On The Nations. Hope For A Remnant.

Jeremiah 46-51 Judgment On The Nations. Hope For A Remnant.

Jeremiah was called to speak a prophetic word not just to Israel and Judah, but to all nations (v. 1) Egypt would fall as predicted (vv. 2ff.). It would be “the Day of the LORD God of hosts, a Day of Vengeance” (v. 10). This vengeance would be executed through the king of Babylon (vv. 13ff.), but it would ultimately be from “the King, the LORD of hosts (v. 18). Judah would go into captivity (v. 19). It was ultimately a judgment on idolatry, no matter where it was found, but especially against those who led his people astray. A remnant of Israel would be saved, and return and find rest. Their punishment would be for correction (vv. 27-28). The LORD would also plunder the Egyptians (Ch. 47), and Moab (48), because it also put its trust in their works and treasures (48:7), and “because he exalted himself against the LORD” (v. 26), in his loftiness, haughtiness, arrogance, and pride (v. 29). Theirs was an unjust wrath, stemming from their idolatry (v. 30ff.). “Moab would be destroyed as a people, because he exalted himself against the LORD (v. 42), but some would become part of the remnant of the saved (v. 47).

Ammon would also be punished (49:1-5), but they too would have a remnant of the saved (v. 6). The old enemy of Edom, descendants of Esau, would also fall because of their unjust wrath on others (vv. 7ff.). So also Damascus (vv. 23-27), Kedar and Hazor (vv. 28-33), and Elam (vv. 34-38). “‘But it shall come to pass in the latter days: I will bring back captives of Elam,’ says the LORD.” (v. 39). Babylon in its turn would also be judged (Ch. 50). Again, it would be because of her idolatry (v. 2). Again, there would be a remnant of Israel who would return and be a part of an everlasting covenant (vv. 4-5). Her shepherds had contributed to her going astray (v. 6), and the nations, in this case Babylon, took advantage of this fact (v. 7), destroying the LORD’s heritage (v. 11). Again, it would be a time of vengeance(vv. 15, 28). Israel was like scattered sheep, because of her idolatry (v. 17). Babylon had become a “land of carved images, and they are insane with their idols (v. 38). None of these nations will be able to withstand the judgment of the LORD of hosts (v. 44). Babylon would be utterly destroyed (Ch. 51).

“For Israel is not forsaken, nor Judah, by his God, the LORD of hosts, though their land was filled with sin against the Holy One of Israel (v. 5). The judgment against Babylon, would in particular be a vengeance for the LORD’s temple (v. 11; 50:28). “For every purpose of the LORD shall be performed against Babylon, to make the land of Babylon a desolation without inhabitant” (v. 29). Again, judgment would also come because of her carved images (vv. 17; 47; 52). “The portion of Jacob is not like them, for He is the Maker of all things; and Israel is the tribe of His inheritance. The LORD of hosts is His name.” (51:19) A specific word came to Jeremiah, from the LORD, to one Seraiah, the quartermaster during the fourth year of Zedekiah the king of Judah’s reign (51:59). He was informed that all these words were being written in a book, including those against Babylon, which he would see when he returned there (vv. 60-61). Then he must say that the LORD has brought this judgment, was to then tie a stone to it and throw it into the Euphrates, saying that Babylon would sink and not rise (vv. 62-64a). “Thus far are the words of Jeremiah.” (v. 64b)

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