Jeremiah 33 Covenant Renewal.

Jeremiah 33 Covenant Renewal.

While in prison Jeremiah received a second word from the LORD, the first being the previous chapter whereby Jeremiah bought a field knowing the promise of a return from captivity. Here the LORD reminds Jeremiah again that he is the sovereign maker and ruler of the whole of creation, and that he had much more to reveal to him (vv. 1-3). Those remaining in the city would expend there last to seek its defence, but to no avail. However, the promise of a return was a sure as his preservation of the created order, a hearkening back to the covenant renewed with Noah (vv. 4-7). It would come by way of repentance on their part, and forgiveness from the LORD (v. 8). There would then follow joy and thanksgiving that would be known by “all nations of the earth” (v. 9).

The city that was desolate would become a place of joy, based on the mercy of the LORD, who would be praised. Men and women would marry, and shepherds would once again have flocks to attend to (vv. 10-13). The promise of covenantal blessing would be fulfilled (v. 14), ultimately through one who would be of the seed of David called ‘A Branch of righteousness’, who would “execute judgment and righteousness in the earth” (v. 15). Through this ‘Branch of righteousness’ the people would be saved and named after this One as ‘THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS’ (v. 16). Godly rule would be preserved in both church and state (vv. 17-18). Only if the LORD’s covenant with day and night could be broken, could the covenant also be broken which the LORD had made with and through David (vv. 19-21).

The promise which began with Genesis 3:15 and was carried forward through Noah, and Abraham, and Moses would continue with and through David, of an innumerable number of godly seed in the earth (v. 22). From a human standpoint they might appear to be despised and insignificant, but what matters was that the LORD would renew his covenant with them, inclusive of all the promises that had come before. This was a covenant that was as sure as the created order itself, and inclusive of it. They would have godly rulers once again. It is the LORD himself who would cause the captives to return, all because of his mercy toward them. This would find some fulfillment at the end of the predicted captivity of 70 years, but the greater fulfillment would come through the Branch, and the new covenant.

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