Genesis 45-47:26 Joseph Is Revealed To His Brothers And Jacob Journeys.

Genesis 45-47:26 Joseph Is Revealed To His Brothers And Jacob Journeys.

For Joseph the doctrine of the sovereignty of God was a great comfort. He was not a victim of fate or his environment, nor of any bitterness within. He knew that the LORD was working everything out not just for his own glory, but that part of that glory is the good toward his people. The heart of the king, or in this case the Pharaoh, was in God’s hands, directing it as he purposed. His good providence is often only seen after the fact, but for the saints, we have looked back enough times to know that all we need to do is look ahead. Of course, it doesn’t depend on us looking, but on the clear testimony of holy writ that God is indeed in charge. In Joseph’s life God had sent him through the appointed means of the evil of his brothers, for the higher good of preserving many lives. This is also why he could tell his brothers before they set out to gather up their families and return, that they “do not become troubled along the way” (45:24).

For Jacob, it was through the means of hearing that Joseph was alive and in charge in Egypt, that he was able to get up and make the journey. After he stepped forward in faith, the LORD then spoke to him to allay his fears. 46:8-25 then gives the genealogy of the children of Israel. Then we read that they were given the best of the pasture lands in Egypt, because the Egyptians considered the job of a shepherd as being beneath them. For this reason some of the chief shepherds in Israel were employed by the Pharaoh to tend to his own herds (46:28-47:12). With the rest of chapter 47 we have what can only be described as the evolution from socialism to communism. 20 % tax was the minimum. Anyone reading this account must not make the mistake of thinking this was God’s plan for government. Joseph laid down rules for a pagan country, but for his own people their supplies were either given to them, or they tended their own animals and land.

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