Jeremiah 24 Two Baskets Of Figs – Two Seeds.

Jeremiah 24 Two Baskets Of Figs – Two Seeds.

When Jeremiah speaks he says that he is speaking of what the LORD has showed him, not just a dream of his own imagination (v. 1). The two baskets of figs set before the temple of the LORD are the two groups of people who can be found within the visible covenant community. Both go into captivity, but the true children are the good figs, “like the figs first ripe,” but the bad are the ungodly seed within the covenantal congregation, “which could not be eaten, they were so bad” (v. 2). Jeremiah answered the LORD, confirming what he saw (v. 3). The good figs were sent into captivity for their own good, given the judgment that was to fall upon Jerusalem. They were also given the promise that one day they would return (vv. 4-5). At that time he would “build them and not pull them down…and…plant them and not pluck them up” (v. 6).

This is but a figurative way of saying that he had chosen them, and that by his grace he would build them into his true house, that they would not build themselves, or save themselves by their own works. They would be his planting, and this is why they would be good figs and not bad. Furthermore, they would persevere to the end as his elect ones, because he would never pull them down or pluck them up. This would be the case because he would “give them a heart to know” him (v. 7a). In this work of sovereign grace the crux of the covenantal bond would be fulfilled – that he would be their God and they his people (v. 7b). The beginning and sure sign of this new birth would be their return to him with their whole heart in repentance and faith (v. 7c). As for the bad figs, they would be delivered into trouble from all nations – the covenantal curses (vv. 8-10).

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