Matthew 22:41-46 Jesus, Two Natures, One Person – Reigning.

Matthew 22:41-46 Jesus, Two Natures, One Person – Reigning.

Jesus is now the one asking the question. The Pharisees were already gathered together to test him, but this time he had a test for them. It was well known that the Christ, Messiah, or Anointed One was to be a son of David. Jesus asked his question knowing what they would say. However, what was not commonly understood was a passage such as Jesus quoted from Psalm 110:1 where we read that the Messiah would be much more than David’s descendant. Since it was and remains common knowledge that David wrote this Psalm under the inspiration of the Spirit, the question is how David could speak of the covenant LORD saying to his Lord that the latter would sit by the former’s right hand till his enemies are made his footstool.

To sit at the right hand of the LORD and to be called Lord by any man was a clear affirmation of his deity. For it to be David initially, had to raise the question of how he could also be David’s son. It was not a question which the Pharisees could answer, and from that day onward no one dare ask him anymore questions. This situation highlights the fact that even among those esteemed as learned in the scriptures could not grasp the total picture of the nature of the Messiah’s person, and thus also of his coming reign. The church would, through much deliberation, come up with confessional statements, such as Chalcedon, which would seek a biblical response to this question – namely two natures, human and divine, in the one person of the Messiah.

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