II Samuel 16:1-14 Blessing And Rest In The Midst Of Cursing.

II Samuel 16:1-14 Blessing And Rest In The Midst Of Cursing.

Due to his covenantal bond with Jonathan, David had committed to bless his surviving son Mephibosheth, putting Ziba his servant in charge of all that he had inherited from his father (Ch. 9). No doubt to return the favour, Ziba met David with supplies (vv. 1-2). He also learned that Mephibosheth decided to stay in Jerusalem, believing that he would also inherit the kingdom (v. 3). Does this signify and covenantal break with David? David decided that Ziba should keep the supplies for himself, in effect continuing the covenantal bond with Jonathan through Ziba his servant (v. 4). As David and those with him came to Bahurim, a man named Shimei basically said that David had it coming to him for how he was believed to have usurped the reign of Saul (vv. 5-8). Despite the desire of one Abishai to kill Shimei, David strangely accepted his curse as possibly coming from the LORD (vv. 9-10). In any case, he was not going to kill a Benjamite when his own son Absalom was out to kill him (v. 11). However, he did leave the door open that the LORD might in fact bless and not curse him (v. 12). Shimei continued on with his cursing, but David and those with him found rest (vv. 13-14).

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