II Samuel 12:24 – 25 What Is In A Name – Solomon Jedidiah.

II Samuel 12:24 – 25 What Is In A Name – Solomon Jedidiah.

David comforts Bathsheba, she conceives and they have a son. Solomon’s “name is usually considered to be derived from the Hebrew word for “peace” (cf. 1 Chr. 22:9). Another possibility is that it means “replacement”; the birth of Solomon compensates for the loss of the first child.” (NGSB. 443) We are not told who chose the name, perhaps it was Bathsheba or both her and David. It is also possible it means both – peace now with the LORD, and a replacement for the loss of her firstborn. Names carry great significance in biblical times, and just as the name ‘Solomon’ no doubt reflects the thoughts and feelings of his parents, even so we are also told that the LORD loved the child, therefore he sent word by Nathan that they should also call him Jedidiah, which means “beloved of the LORD” (v. 25). From the perspective of his parents, Solomon represented the peace his parents hoped for in their covenantal bond with the LORD. From the LORD’s perspective, their hope stemmed first and foremost because of the love they found in their relationship with him.

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