II Samuel 12:15b – 23 Grace, Blessing,  And The Consequences Of David’s Sin.

II Samuel 12:15b – 23 Grace, Blessing,  And The Consequences Of David’s Sin.

When the LORD initially struck the child it was not death but sickness. In David’s mind he sees the possibility of a change on the LORD’s part. After all, the LORD showed mercy and grace to David, the chief sinner, so it leads him to go to fast and pray for the life of the child (v. 16). His servants tried to no avail to get David to rise and eat, so when the child died they feared that he might harm himself (vv. 17-18). However, David could tell that the child had likely died, and simply asked them to confirm it to him (v. 19). David not only made an about face and rose to live, but he spared his servants the difficulty they faced. David was not angry with the LORD,  just the opposite, for “he went into the house of the LORD and worshipped” (v. 20). In response to the bewilderment of his servants at verse 21, he in effect preached to them the gospel, that David was hoping for the grace that forgave him to extend to a reversal of the consequences of his sin (v. 22). David also understood that though he had sinned terribly, first and foremost against the LORD, the covenant that is established forever testifies to the hope of eternal life that he would share with his infant son (v. 23).

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