II Samuel 8 David’s Military Campaigns.

II Samuel 8 David’s Military Campaigns.

When reading of Israel’s military campaigns, in this case under David, it is well to keep in mind that the same God who brought the flood upon the whole earth, saved only a godly remnant in Noah and his household. These events share several things in common. They are all as a result of the rampant depravity of those who are the subject of God’s wrath. We also too easily forget the absolute holiness of God, and the years of patience displayed by God in giving people the opportunity to repent. It was not that Israel was sinless, just that they were a people constituted by God with his law which made provision for their failures. Finally, these events share the same basic truth, the godly participants had the direct revelation from God to do what was right and just. With the close of the canon, and the once for all completed work of Jesus the Christ, the church now lives in a situation where we do not fight literal military conflicts for Yahweh, such as was previously commanded. There are some things, like the whole of the OT sacrificial system, which simply do not carry forward in a new covenant context. One thing we do know from David’s military campaigns is that, “the LORD preserved David wherever he went” (vv. 6, 14). Whereas earlier the LORD’s people were to utterly destroy everything of his enemies, now under David they kept much spoil, which he dedicated to the LORD (v. 11).

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