Judges 2:1-6 Covenantal Adultery.

Judges 2:1-6 Covenantal Adultery.

The issue facing the people was clear. The angel of the LORD testified how he had brought up their forefathers from Egypt and through the wilderness to take possession of the promised land. This was done because of the covenant He had made with them, a covenant he promised to never break (v. 1). They, on the other hand, did break covenant with them when they made a covenant with the inhabitants of the land that they were called upon to dispossess. In this process, and largely the reason for this, was that they were to also tear down their altars, but they did not. This was spiritual adultery on their part. They did not obey his voice, his word (v. 2). They evidently had no answer to the question ‘Why?’. What follows is therefore a judgment upon them, that the foreigners with their gods, that they allowed to live, would become thorns in their sides, and their gods a snare (v. 3). The people wept because of the word spoken, and they offered sacrifices, but we are left wondering if there would be any change in their behaviour (vv. 4-5). They returned each to their given territories, but how would they act going forward? In making a covenant with some of the inhabitants, they committed themselves to not fully obeying the word that was given.

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