II Samuel 1:17-27 The Song Of The Bow.

II Samuel 1:17-27 The Song Of The Bow.

David laments the death of Saul and Jonathan (v. 17). A few things are worth noting.

  1. David specifically instructs Judah to sing what he calls “the song of the bow” in their remembrance, not Israel as a whole.
  2. The book of Jasher is also referred to at Joshua 10:13, in that instance the account of the sun standing still (v. 18).
  3. Saul, with all his faults, including his murderous pursuit of David, along with Jonathan, was considered mighty (v. 19).
  4. This was a song for the covenant community, not to be used by their enemies in triumph (v. 20).
  5. David prayed for a curse to fall upon the land where they fell (v. 21).
  6. Saul and Jonathan were to be remembered as mighty men who fought to the end (v. 22).
  7. Saul and Jonathan were certainly beloved by many, and in battle and death in battle “they were not divided – swifter than eagles, stronger than lions” (v. 23).
  8. The daughters of Israel, (not just Judah), were instructed to “weep for Saul” for he had indeed enabled them to live in luxury (v. 24).
  9. The fact that David says that Jonathan was slain in the high places, may indicate that he saw it as his specific mission to defend the places of worship in Israel (v. 25).
  10. David expresses his specific sadness in the loss of his friend Jonathan, one with whom he had a covenantal bond, a love more wonderful than the love of women (v. 26).

This song is one primarily to remember that “the mighty have fallen, and the weapons of war perished” (v. 27).

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