I Samuel 31 The Word Fulfilled.

I Samuel 31 The Word Fulfilled.

Saul’s sons, including Jonathan, are killed in battle. Saul is severely wounded (vv. 1-3). Saul would rather die by the hand of his armour bearer rather than by the Philistines who would likely abuse him before killing him. In the end, the armour bearer could not do it, so he followed Saul’s example and committed suicide (vv. 4-5). The knowledge of the death of all the above, led the Israelites to flee their cities, which became the possession now of their enemies (vv. 6-7). The Philistines decapitated Saul and pinned him and his sons to the wall of Beth Shan, while his armour was put in the temple of the Ashteroths (vv. 8-10). The men of Jabesh Gilead retrieved their bodies and burned them in Jabesh, and buried their bones there, and fasted 7 days. The men of Jabesh Gilead owed Saul for saving them from Nahash the Ammonite (Ch. 11).

I Samuel highlights the main difference between the godly and ungodly seed. The saints, like Hannah and Samuel, looked to the LORD for truth and guidance. They believed that the covenant LORD was the sovereign God over all who would accomplish his will and purposes in history. They trusted in his providential dealings with them, and in the revelatory knowledge he had given them. Saul, on the other hand, became king ultimately because the people of Israel wanted a king like all the other nations, someone who they thought would fight their battles. During his reign he closed his ears to the revelation that was already given, and that which came through the priests whom he massacred. In the end he resorted to a witch, only to have Samuel witness to him again of his end, lastly from the dead.

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