I Samuel 29 A Remnant Is Saved.

I Samuel 29 A Remnant Is Saved.

As the Philistines gathered for war they finally come to David and his men, and Achish seeks to defend his decision to have David join them, as one who was without fault and had “defected” to him (vv. 1-3). David had not agreed to fight his own people, rather his answer to Achish was that he was certainly capable to fight (28:2a). However, the Philistine princes were angry with Achish and forbade the inclusion of David, fearing that he would turn against them (vv. 4-5.). Here we again see that the LORD is with David in his providence, delivering him from the difficult situation that lie ahead.

Achish had to inform David that he must follow the decision of the princes, that he needed to return to his home territory (vv. 6-7). David, in a bid to reinforce to Achish his perceived loyalty to him, protests that he was one who could be trusted (v. 8). Perhaps in David’s mind he should go that he might in fact turn on the Philistines at a moment of opportunity. Whatever the case may be, Achish’s estimate of David and his loyalty to him is reinforced, and once again David is told to return to his home. Thus David, and those with him, are as a remnant saved.

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