I Samuel 25:1-42 David, Nabal, And Abigail.

I Samuel 25:1-42 David, Nabal, And Abigail.

The people lamented for Samuel upon his death, the man they refused to heed when he was living. As David travelled he rightfully assumed to be treated well by Nabal, since his own servants testified to how David had protected them, and were basically model neighbours. Instead, Nabal was arrogant, a man who no doubt gained and maintained his wealth because he ingratiated himself to Saul. Abigail, his wife, had more sense than he did. She was a woman of faith who confessed the LORD’s selection of David as his true anointed.

Abigail sent to David and his men interim provisions, a small payment for how they treated and protected her husband’s servants. Furthermore, she followed after to also plead for mercy despite her husband, whose name means rightly meant ‘fool’. She, like David, left vengeance to the LORD. All she did was bear true witness to her husband, and this was enough for him to go into a coma and die. David ended up marrying Abigail, now a widow, and thanked God that through her he was prevented from dropping to his and Saul’s level.

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