I Samuel 22 Collateral Damage – Saul’s Vengeance.

I Samuel 22 Collateral Damage – Saul’s Vengeance.

David had been anointed as king, but here he was hiding in a cave from Saul, along with “everyone who was in distress, everyone who was in debt, and everyone who was discontented. So he became captain over them.” (v. 2). From a human standpoint, not exactly a comfortable situation. After a stay in Moab, the prophet Gad told him to go to the land of Judah, so he went to the forest of Hereth. Saul was still intent on murdering David, and of all his servants only Doeg the Edomite came forward to tell Saul where he had seen David.

Here we see the history of the ungodly seed of Edom or Esau, continuing to conspire against the godly seed of promise. When Saul discovers that Ahimelech the priest at Nob had assisted David, Saul had Doeg murder him and 84 other priests with him, when his servants refused to do so. He also massacred every living thing in the city of Nob. Abiathar, one of Ahimelech’s sons escaped, and when he told David what had happened David acknowledged that letting the Edomite go back to Saul was likely to result in at least the death of Ahimelech’s house (v. 22).

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