I Samuel 21 David Bears True Covenantal Witness.

I Samuel 21 David Bears True Covenantal Witness.

David is in hiding from Saul, and to this end he lies to Ahimelech the priest at Nob in telling him that he was actually on the king’s business so that he might receive some bread, and the sword he took from Goliath. It was time for the showbread to be changed anyway, which in David’s mind returned the bread to a common use. David might have thought he needed a sword since one of Saul’s servants was also in town. On his way to Achish, king of Gath, David also learned that the king supposed that he was coming against him for war, so David also deceived him in behaving like a madman. As with Rahab and Michal, there is a place for lying and deception when it in fact involves bearing true covenantal witness. Jesus justified David’s actions in this example (Mt. 12:4; Mk. 2:25-26).

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