I Samuel 18:1-16 Covenant Friendship And A Parting Of Ways.

I Samuel 18:1-16 Covenant Friendship And A Parting Of Ways.

Normally a king’s son would follow in succession, but Jonathan more than accepted David as his father’s successor, he made a covenant with David to show their commitment to each other. Jonathan also gave his prince’s robe and armour, “even to his sword and his bow and his belt” (v 4). David had proven himself to Saul who made him his right hand man and the commander of his military forces, a position accepted by all the people, including Saul’s servants (v. 5). However, Saul was one who did not fully accept David, for Saul was very angry when the women danced and shouted, “Saul has slain his thousands and David his ten thousand.” (v. 7). Where the women sang ‘and’, Saul heard ‘but’. It was from this point forward that Saul saw the threat that David posed to his hold on the kingdom (vv. 8-9).

Once more God sends a distressing spirit to Saul, but it says that he prophesied, which would suggest that the distressing spirit was none other than the Holy Spirit. Whatever Saul prophesied we know it would be true, and probably apropos for the occasion. Could it be that he prophesied the transfer of the kingdom to David? In any case, David’s playing of music did not calm Saul as before, rather Saul threw his spear at him trying to kill him. From this point forward, the enmity is Saul’s heart evidenced itself in David being banned from his presence, but only after David had escaped him twice, a double witness of the LORD’s providential protection. David was demoted to being simply a captain over a thousand (v. 13). However, Saul acknowledged that David behaved wisely in all his ways which made him afraid, but the people loved David (vv. 14-16).

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