I Samuel 4:12-22 Ichabod – The Glory Had Departed.

I Samuel 4:12-22 Ichabod – The Glory Had Departed.

One of the tribe of Benjamin made it back to Shiloh and told Eli of the slaughter, including the death of his sons, but it was upon hearing the news that the ark of the covenant had been captured that “Eli fell off the seat backward by the side of the gate; and his neck was broken and he died” (v. 18). For 40 years Eli failed to discipline his sons or to follow the law-word of the covenant that he was entrusted to uphold, and one of the consequences was this national disaster (vv. 12-18). Upon hearing the news of the ark and Eli, and the death of Phinehas, his wife went into labour, and upon her death a boy was born whom she named Ichabod, meaning the glory of God had departed from Israel (vv. 19-22).

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