I Samuel 2:1-11 Hannah’s Prayer.

I Samuel 2:1-11 Hannah’s Prayer.

Salvation is cause for rejoicing, and it includes far more than assurance of life eternal. For Hannah it includes the blessing of covenant children, new citizens for the kingdom (v. 1). The LORD is unique, the only true and living God, holy and sure (v. 2). He is the all-knowing one, and as such is the only grounds for true knowledge. With his holy character and knowledge, he alone is able to judge people and nations (v. 3). As the  sovereign LORD over all he brings down the arrogant and raises the humble (v. 4), and with him those who have children become feeble, and the barren like Hannah become the mothers of seven (v. 5).

The sovereign LORD is the God who effects great reversals, including killing and making alive (vv. 6-7). With him poor beggars “inherit the throne of glory” (v. 8a). Nothing and no one in all the created order can stand against the LORD and his saints. This is his world, upheld by his sovereign will, power, and purpose, “but the wicked shall be silent in darkness (vv. 8b-9b). Thunder from heaven separates glory from darkness. The LORD will judge all, and he has his King, the Anointed One, whom he has exalted (vv. 9c-10).* Of this kingdom there are children like Samuel, “who ministered to the LORD” (v. 11).

*“References to the king as the LORD’s anointed are prevalent in the books of Samuel (v. 35; 12:3, 5; 16:6; 24:6) and Psalms (Ps. 2:2; 18:50. The present passage is the first reference to a king of Israel as God’s “anointed,’ though the idea of anointing a king is found already in Jotham’s fable (Judg. 9:8, 15).The English word “messiah” represents the Hebrew word meaning ‘anointed.” In the New Testament, “Christ” represents the Greek word Christos, also meaning “anointed.”” (NGSB 379)

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