I Samuel 1:19-28 Samuel Is Born And Dedicated.

I Samuel 1:19-28 Samuel Is Born And Dedicated.

Elkanah never stopped loving Hannah. They worshipped together, and they loved each other, and once Hannah had dedicated their firstborn son, “Elkanah knew Hannah his wife, and the LORD remembered her” (v. 19). Hannah would call her firstborn son Samuel because the LORD heard her vow and prayer (v. 20). However, she may not have understood how significant would be the hearing of Samuel from God. Elkanah faithfully would take up his family to offer the yearly sacrifice, but this time Hannah would stay behind with Samuel until he was weaned, then she would take him to serve the LORD forever (vv. 21-22). This gives us a good example where, once a child was weaned, it was understood that they would partake in the sacrificial meal, and for Samuel much more than that (Cf. Gen. 21:8). Although it must be remembered that an infant was likely weaned much longer than is done in most cultures today, still they were very young.

Elkanah agreed with his wife’s decision, with his only desire being that the LORD’s word would be confirmed. It is not clear if this meant that he wanted to make sure the vow was fulfilled, that Samuel would serve the LORD forever, or perhaps with what might follow the fulfilling of the vow (Cf. Nu. 30:7, 10-11). In any case, when he was weaned they made the trip with Samuel. Their offering of verse 25 was that which the law prescribed for the fulfilling of a vow (Cf. Num. 15:1ff.), and the tabernacle had been established at Shiloh (Josh. 18:1). “According to Num. 15:8-10, the fulfillment of a vow was to be accompanied by an offering of a young bull, fine flour, and wine. Hannah brings all three, but in larger measure than required.” (NGSB 378) Samuel was then presented as their gift to the LORD, to Eli the high priest, to serve the LORD. They worshipped the LORD there, and the LORD had a servant who was not one of Eli’s sons.

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