Matthew 17:22-23 Suffering, Death, And Jesus’ Resurrection Predicted.

Matthew 17:22-23 Suffering, Death, And Jesus’ Resurrection Predicted.

At 16:21-23 Jesus also foretold of his coming suffering, death, and resurrection, and on that occasion Peter had to be rebuked for expressing the desire of Satan that he not fulfill the Father’s will in this regard. Here there is no such opposition, but only sadness. Sadness should be one’s response, when we realize that it is because of our sin that Jesus bore his cross for us. It is not a sadness simply of the death of a great teacher, and one’s friend. Included in this news was the resurrection, so there would come new life. The sadness is what necessitated such a death, and the betrayal that was part of it. The fact that this is the second time among three predictions (Cf. 20:17-19), is the bearing of witness that Paul also referred to, as confirmation of the truth of that which was spoken (II Cor. 13:1).

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