Matthew 11:25-30 Sovereign Epistemological Regeneration.

Matthew 11:25-30 Sovereign Epistemological Regeneration.

After he had expounded on the message and ministry of John, as a call to repentance, and an upbraiding of those towns which had witnessed so many signs of his Messiahship without repenting, Jesus now prays out loud, thanking the Father that the truths of the kingdom were being hidden from these who thought of themselves wise and intelligent persons. Instead, he also thanks the Father that he chose rather to reveal these truths to babes (v. 25). This is what seemed good to the Father, which is the one determinative factor for whom it is who comes to a knowledge of salvation truth (v. 26). This same sovereign revealing will has been given to the Son by the Father (v. 27). For this very reason, and in this context, Jesus utters the famous words of verses 28-30. These verses come in this context of sovereign epistemological regeneration. To Jesus we come for epistemological rest, for the yoke of his sovereign self-revelation is given, not to be for us obscure, but rather fully consonant with his mind, and therefore coherent throughout. This is true rest for a weary soul and troubled mind, and an easy yoke and a light burden.

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