Matthew 10:32-42 A Confessing Family.

Matthew 10:32-42 A Confessing Family.

There is a cost to confessing Christ. However, there is also a cost to not confess Christ. A true Christian will never be denied. Family may deny a confessing Christian, but the family of the heavenly Father and his Son is of greater import. To take up the cross of confession marks one as worthy to bear the name ‘Christian’. All who seek to hang on to people and things as being more important than the Lord God will lose all they hoped to save. The apostles, or sent ones, and indeed all who confess Christ, walked and do walk the same path as the prophets and all the righteous ones of the past – duty to the Master with the ultimate reward from the Father. No work is too insignificant, even the giving of a cup of cold water to a fellow believer, including “little ones.”

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