Matthew 10:16-26 A Time Of Revelation.

Matthew 10:16-26 A Time Of Revelation.

The apostles, and indeed all the followers of Jesus, are as sheep among the wolves of the world. There are those who are hell bent on silencing the gospel and all those who bear it. We need the cunning of a snake, but the seeming harmlessness of doves (v. 16). There were men among their own countrymen, whom the apostles were to be mindful of, who would resist the gospel to the point of seeking their arrest and punishment (v. 17). Both Jew and Gentile would oppose them (v. 18). The apostles had a unique mission as the bearers of the new covenant scriptures. To this end the Spirit would give to them the words they were to preach and teach (vv. 19-20). The gospel message was one that would set family members against each other, even to delivering one up to die (v. 21).

They would be hated, but all who endured to the end would be saved. Part of the good news was that his people would be preserved to the end. Persecution would be a means of their moving on to another city, until the Son of Man would come to finally put an end to the old covenant era (vv. 22-23). They, and all who follow Jesus hereafter, cannot expect to be treated any better than was he, for a disciple is not above their master (vv. 24-25a). Since many believed that Jesus had his power from Satan, his disciples should not think themselves to be regarded as any different than he (v. 25b). However, since he promised them perseverance to the end, they need not fear. There was coming a time of great revelation, when all that was hidden heretofore, would be made known (v. 26).

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