Matthew 10:1-15 The Apostolic Mission.

Matthew 10:1-15 The Apostolic Mission.

Jesus gave his apostles the power to do what he had been doing – casting out demons and healing the sick. Even Judas is included, which shows that one can have this power without knowing the Lord in a saving way. Jesus’ approach at this time was to go only to “the lost sheep of the house of Israel” (v. 6). It was a time of transition, the last days of the old covenant era. The kingdom of heaven was at hand, with the coming of the promised Messiah (v. 7). In addition to casting out demons and healing the sick, they were given power to raise the dead (v. 8). This was real labour for the apostles, so they were to be sustained by the church for this work (vv. 9-10). Anyone who greeted them with this help were to be blessed with peace, but any who would not receive the gospel were not to enjoy this peace (vv. 11-13). To reject the gospel message was to be guilty of a covenantal cure, demonstrated with a shaking off of one’s feet from what would be unclean (vv. 14-15).

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