Matthew 9:27-31 Two Blind Men Are Healed.

Matthew 9:27-31 Two Blind Men Are Healed.

Not being blind, one can only imagine the challenge these two blind men faced, but for them it was their once in a lifetime hope. They had each other, but they wanted their sight, and they believed that Jesus could give that to them (vv. 27-28 Cf. 20:29-34; Mk. 10:46ff.; Lk. 18:38-39). According to their faith they were healed (v. 29). Obviously it was not their faith, in and of itself, that healed them, it was who they had their faith in. It seems peculiar that Jesus would instruct them to be quiet about the miracle (v. 30). He said the same thing to the leper, only that he follow the Mosaic legislation for no longer being leprous (8:4). It may have been that Jesus still had much to do before his impending death and did not want the focus taken off the redemption to come through his death and resurrection. In any case, one can well understand that these men could not keep silent (v. 31). A person who committed forgery would certainly not want the recipients to be silent.

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