Matthew 9:18-26 Healing And Delivering Power.

Matthew 9:18-26 Healing And Delivering Power.

In worshipping Jesus, which Jesus did not refuse, the ruler who came to him on behalf of his sick daughter, was confessing that Jesus was both God and man, for only God is to be worshipped (v. 18 Cf. Lk. 8:41-56). This is a stupendous theological understanding and commitment, one which many stumble over to this day. He also believed that if Jesus laid his hand on his daughter that she would live. Based on the man’s faith, Jesus and his disciples arose and followed the ruler back to his home (v. 19). While they were walking there was also a woman who suffered from a continuous flow of blood, who believed if she but touched the garment of Jesus she would be healed (vv. 20-21).

From Matthew one might get the idea that Jesus spoke healing to her before she was able to touch him, but Luke records that she did touch the border of his garment and was healed. It was because she touched the border of his garment in faith, that he felt power flow out. His words were therefore words of comfort to the woman, commended for her faith, and offered peace (v. 22 Cf. Lk. 8:48). When they arrive at the ruler’s home, they found mourners wailing her death (v. 23). But for Jesus her death was only temporary, and he was thus ridiculed by the crowd v. 24). But Jesus took her by the hand the girl arose (v. 25), because he has power even over death, and this report spread through that land (v. 26).

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