Matthew 8:28-34 Godly Or Demonic Cultures.

Matthew 8:28-34 Godly Or Demonic Cultures.

Demon possessed people often had extremely acute spiritual insight, or at least the demons within them did. They knew that a time of torment awaited them, which tells us that in residing in people they somehow found refuge. There is something grossly foreign though for demons to inhabit those made in God’s image. They were more suited to a creature who was regarded as unclean. They knew that Jesus would be happier with this move into the unclean pigs. They were hell bent on destruction, and given the end of the swine, one can only imagine the torment that these two men had been suffering. Nevertheless, their neighbours did not rejoice at their deliverance, but instead they asked Jesus to leave, no doubt because he would spell the end of their whole economic system. Their god was mammon. How much money is made in our godless cultures today because people care more about money than people made in God’s image? There are other ways to be productive and make money, but these people were comfortable, just like the demons.

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