Matthew 8:23-27 Jesus Again Speaks A Word.

Matthew 8:23-27 Jesus Again Speaks A Word.

Wind and waves when out in a boat could spell death, as it has for many. From a purely human perspective the disciples were right to be afraid. However, they also should have known, from what they saw and heard of Jesus, that his presence was enough. In fact, they were the ones who followed him into the boat. Seeing Jesus asleep would have been a good clue that all was well. There is something like a metaphor here. We are sometimes guilty of believing that God is asleep while the wind and waves of our lives seem to threaten our very existence. This is the kind of fear that is incompatible with faith.

However, they did have a little faith, because rather than remain silent they woke Jesus up, and as he had done many times before, all he had to do was speak a word and the winds and waves subsided. Of course the men marvelled because “even the winds and the sea obey Him” (v. 27). But he who created all things certainly also rules them, which is something he does every moment. This was just a graphic example in the experience of his disciples, a window through which to see what he does moment by moment, and in his providence directs it all for the good of his family. Faith comes by his word spoken.

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