Matthew 7:13-14 Life Over Death.

Matthew 7:13-14 Life Over Death.

Jesus taught that there were two ways to walk in life, a narrow one that few find or take, and a wide one found and traveled by many. This would certainly seem to suggest something similar to Robert Frost’s famous poem, where he took the road less travelled by, and that made all the difference. What is the narrow gate? Whatever it is, it also opens up to a difficult way. The other gate is wide, and the way beyond it is broad, but it ultimately leads to destruction. Another word for destruction might be perdition. So the choices are, a way that is difficult but which leads to life. Or, a way that is broad and spacious, but ultimately leads to perdition. The former is the Christian way. Yes it is challenging, but ultimately it is life over death. Matthew will proceed to relate Jesus’ teaching concerning false prophets, and no doubt they preached the broad and easy way, which end is destruction (vv. 15ff.).

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