Matthew 6:1-4 Charitable Deeds.

Matthew 6:1-4 Charitable Deeds.

Why do people do charitable deeds? There are those who believe that this will get them to heaven. Some have less loftier goals – they simply want to be admired. Many like the feeling it gives them to help another human being. There is usually some goal or goals in a person’s mind before they part with time or money – the two great commodities of life. Here Jesus gives us the highest motivation of all – to be rewarded of the Father. All who do charitable deeds will be rewarded, the question really is what is that reward? Though the true child of the Father does their work in secret, as it were, the promise attached to the reward of the Father is that he will reward openly. It won’t be held in a secret mystery (Cf. Lk. 14:12-14).

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