Mark 15:33-41 A Sacrifice Complete.

Mark 15:33-41 A Sacrifice Complete.

The sacrifice of Jesus was not complete until the following took place. Firstly, because he bore the sins of many, and then the Father forsook him (vv. 33-34). Secondly, he himself gave up his life when the first occurred (v. 37). Those watching were mistaken in thinking he was calling for help from Elijah (vv. 35-36). Perhaps they thought of Elijah since the common notion about Jesus was that he was simply a prophet. It was no accident that the veil in the temple was torn in two, because the old sacrificial system had now come to an end, and Jesus opened up the way for all who the Father has given to him to approach the throne of grace in the Most Holy Place directly through him (v. 38 Cf. Ex. 26:31-33). The tricolour veil was symbolic of Jesus threefold office as Mediator ( There may have been a conversion of one of the centurions at this time as well (v. 39). Mark also highlights the place occupied by the women who travelled with Jesus (vv. 40-41).

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