Mark 12:38-44 Sacrifice And Reward.

Mark 12:38-44 Sacrifice And Reward.

The scribes, the ones entrusted with delivering the word of God, used their position as a means of extracting veneration and wealth from the common people (vv. 38-40a Cf. Mt. 6:5; 23:1-7; Lk. 20:45-47). Even their prayers were pretentious, thinking that the longer the prayer the greater weight it carried (v. 40b Cf. Mt. 23:14). Jesus then turned to the example of the widow who gave all that she had for the work of the ministry (vv. 42-44). For the rich, what they gave was not a sacrifice, because they gave out of their abundance (v. 41). True giving, the kind with rewards that are lasting, is giving that is a sacrifice. It is about what one considers to be of real value, and then giving oneself to it completely. In the case of religion, only God is worthy of such a sacrifice.

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